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R22 Phase Out

From 1st January 2015, it has been against the law to use R22 refrigerant to uphold or refurbish air-conditioning systems throughout the UK.

As of 2014 European Regulations were put in place, that make it unlawful for anyone to service or maintain any air conditioning or refrigeration system that contains R22 refrigerant gas.

In the event that yours was fitted before 2004, you need to be preparing to change it as quickly as possible.

You don’t have to take away all of your current pipe work and wiring however you must upgrade your equipment and make sure your system is free from R22 refrigerant.

The best part about it is the fact that current air-conditioning systems operate more beneficial as they are as much as 50% more efficient compared to outdated models. R22 replacement solutions have competitive payback periods, which may be as short as two to three years.

There are many assortment of solutions you can take however be sure you take action rapidly. In the event that your current air-conditioning goes into a major problem, there may be no way to get it working once more.

In case you have an enquiry or perhaps wish to learn how the R22 Phase Out affects you , contact on 0800 5999822

So what does this mean to you the Customer I hear you ask?

1. Either replace the R22 refrigerant gas in your existing air conditioning equipment with a drop in replacement refrigerant. (cheaper option for now but with increased running costs)


2. Install a new more efficient, air conditioning or refrigeration equipment which will soon be a high priority for thousands.

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